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2 Beans or not 2 Beans? That is the question. 


2 Beans is the answer! Here at 2 Beans or Not 2 Beans Farm we’ve got beans and greens and local veggies, grown with rich organic compost, and without chemical pesticides.


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Where You Can Find Us


Our produce is available seasonally, right from the farm at 902 Newtonville rd, Forest Hill Nova Scotia.

We are at our local markets June to October:

- Kentville Market ( Wednesdays 9am-1pm)

-The Halifax Brewery Market (Saturdays 8am-1pm)

- Kingston Market  (Thursdays 3pm-6pm)

We are also available to supply local restaurants and community stores. Contact us to inquire for details.

What We Do

We grow vegetables, fruits and herbs by hand, make music, art, host volunteer work stays, run workshops and events related to organic growing, permaculture, slow food, health and wellness, music and performing arts.

The Land

Wolfville, Gaspereau and Grand Pre are beautifully located in the stunning lands and waters of the unceeded Mi'k Maq First Nation territory.

Mixed hardwood and conifer forests roll along hills into farmland and dykelands constructed by the Acadian peoples, merging with the shores of the Bay of Fundy, which claim the highest recorderd tides on the planet.

There are numerous freshwater rivers, lakes and seaside swimming spots for those hot summer days or those wintery cold water submersions !

Farms, Orchards and Vineyards appear to make up most of the properties throughout the countryside landscape here in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

The Property: 4 acres total, 3 acres of gently rolling pasture and 1 acre of house site with mature white oak, red maple, ash, and adolescent chestnut, black walnut among other species and varieties of native and introduced plants that the previous owners tended during their time.

The House: 60 year old bungalow, 2 bedroom, foyer/living room, kitchen, bathroom, with an earthen floor basement which is used for wood cutting both for building, repairs and for fire wood storage and prep.

We use a wood stove in the winter which is newly installed and burning warmly very well.

The Food

Food is such an integral part of the community. It brings people together and nourishes us to move through life. Eating the food one grows from the land is energizing and invigorating. After working a long day, eating fresh food from the land is restorative and life-giving. We are excited to spread this joy and appreciation with the surrounding community by offering our fine produce at Farmers Markets and through our CSA weekly box program. "Let thy Food Be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine be Thy Food." - Hippocrates 


We are grateful for the volunteers that have helped and continue to help make this dream a reality.


For more information about becoming a volunteer on the farm contact us or check out 2 Beans or Not 2 Beans' Workaway profile.

Dreams and Long-Term Visions

We have a lot of dreams and a lot of visions. We want to build an earthship, a straw bale cabin, a stage, a food forest, host more events, workshops, and festivals! And the list keeps growing!

Contact Us to find out more about contributing to the dream and vision ! 

Thank you!


Thank you for supporting local producers and artists within your community. There is something very special about the Valley and how much it values local producers. We feel it is such a blessing to be part of this community and home again! 

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